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New York Tips & tricks for an Unforgettable trip in 2023

7 Tips Every NYC Tourist Needs To Know for the Best Trip Ever

New York City is an amazing destination for tourists, but with so much to see and do, it can be overwhelming to plan the perfect trip. That’s why it pays to know some tricks, and today we’ll be sharing seven secrets every NYC tourist needs to know to make their experience a lot easier.

LinkNYC: Unlocking Free Wi-Fi & Resources in the City That Never Sleeps

LinkNYC: Unlocking Free Wi-Fi

Most tourists don’t know about LinkNYC, but it’s an incredibly useful tool in the Big Apple. With over 2,000 kiosks throughout the city, you can access free public Wi-Fi, make calls anywhere in the US, and even access 911 in an emergency.

c: Experience a Warm, Local Welcome Without Breaking the Bank

LinkNYC: Unlocking Free Wi-Fi

While paid tour guides are great, there’s also a free option in the Big Apple. Big Apple Greeters is a volunteer program where locals take visitors around their neighborhoods and show them their favorite places. It’s a great way to get a different perspective than your typical tour of Midtown Manhattan.

Free Tours by Foot: Explore NYC’s Hidden Gems on a Budget

Free Tours by Foot

If you’re looking for a great tour that won’t break the bank, Free Tours by Foot is a great option. While the tours are technically free, their guides are fantastic and use a tipping system, so you pay what you think the tours are worth.

John’s of Times Square: Savor Authentic, Affordable New York Pizza

John's of Times Square

If you’re looking for great pizza in one of the most touristy spots in Manhattan, John’s of Times Square is the place to go. Located inside an old church, it’s one of the most unique locations for a pizzeria in the world.

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McGraw-Hill Waterfall: Discover a Serene Urban Oasis for Free

McGraw-Hill Waterfall

A little-known park in Midtown Manhattan, the McGraw-Hill Waterfall is a beautiful spot to relax and get away from the chaos of the city. There are even tables, so you can enjoy food from one of the nearby halal carts.

Ask Khonsu

Ask Khonsu

Itinerary planning takes time, but Ask Khonsu can take the stress away. They’re a team of NY-based trip consultants who tailor travel plans to your needs and are available during your trip in case you need anything.

Free Museum Days: Immerse Yourself in NYC’s Rich Culture Without Spending a Dime

Free Museum Days

Save money on admission charges by visiting one of New York’s many museums on their free days. The American Folk Art Museum, the museum at FIT, and the Polonski Exhibition at the New York Public Library are just a few examples of museums with free admission days.

Bonus Secret: Omni

Bonus Secret: Omni

If you have Apple Pay or Android Pay, you don’t need a metro card to ride the subway anymore. Just tap your phone at the turnstile, and you’re good to go. And for locals, starting your rides on a Monday means that after your 12th ride, the rest of your rides for the week are free.

By using these secrets, you’ll have an amazing trip to New York City and experience it like a pro.

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