Tourist Scam New York

Tourist Scam New York: Avoiding the Top Travel Traps

Common Scams in Times Square, New York: Watch Your Money!

Friends, today I bring you an article based on my experience walking the streets of New York, specifically in the Times Square area. This area is world-famous and aspirational, and many tourists wish to visit it someday. However, it is also a place where you might encounter some scams aimed especially at tourists. Here are some of these scams so that you can be informed and avoid falling into them.

Costumed characters in the streets

Costumed characters in the streets

A common scam in Times Square is to encounter costumed people taking pictures with tourists. Although most of them work honestly and are grateful for voluntary tips, there are some who take advantage of the situation and demand high sums of money, even intimidating people to get more. The idea is to tip fairly and voluntarily but beware of those who try to take advantage of the situation.

Gift” bracelets

Gift" bracelets

Another common scam is sellers who offer bracelets as a “gift,” but once you accept them, they demand an exorbitant amount of money for them. Keep your eyes peeled and don’t accept gifts that could turn into a trap.

Electronics Stores

Electronics Stores Scam NYC

Electronics stores in Times Square can be another scam spot, as they sell products at inflated prices, taking advantage of tourists’ lack of knowledge about local prices. Before shopping at these stores, do your research and compare prices online to make sure you are not being overcharged.

Street artists and their “gift CDs”.

Some street artists offer to “give away” their records to tourists, but once you accept them, they demand payment for them. If you encounter this situation, be aware that it is not a gift and they might try to take money from you.

Street artists and their "gift CDs" NYC

Times Square is a beautiful and lively place worth visiting, but it is important to be alert and protect your money from possible scams targeting tourists. Share this information with other travelers and remember to always research and compare prices before shopping at tourist attractions.

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